Secure your Linux based Virtual private server/cloud server

Table of content …

  1. Why security is measure concern with a virtual or dedicated server
  2. General security tips
  3. Firewall based Security
  4. SSH Hardening
  5. Malware/virus/Hacking prevention tools

Secure your Linux based VPS

It’s nice that you are upgrading your website from shared hosting to VPS hosting to provide more power, more speed, more freedom, more resources, more flexibility and so on.

But when you move to VPS / dedicated server it’s security becomes an important aspect for your websites & apps data.

Security includes malware protection, virus protection, intrusion detection and protection, bandwidth stealing prevention, spam relay prevention, and much more things need to focus from a security point of view.

Here we will discuss step by step tips for virtual & dedicated server security tips.

Basic security measures

  1. Keep your system up to date cause software update is the biggest security measure itself, the software update includes various vulnerabilities, patches. If possible schedule automatic software updates.
  2. Add limited user accounts with minimum required permissions.
  3. Remove Unused Network-Facing Services

Firewall based security

With Cpanel installation configure lfd and CSF firewall on the server, iptables (for ipv4 and ipv6 ports)

SSH hardening

configure ssh on nonstandard ports, install fail to ban

Malware / virus / Hacking protection tools



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