4 tips for writing good email

Here we are discussing some of best email writing practices which needs to be consider when writing your next business email.

Most of us Judge emails by their subject line whether to read the email or directly delete them all decided by subject line.
Hence subject line is the first impression of your email to your recipients although it is a small part of our email but play a most important role in our email marketing strategy.
Email subject line serve the purpose of our email, what email body contains, and it relates your goal directly with your message. Hence it is a very important part of our whole email that’s why here we are trying to tell you some tips to improve your email subject lines.

  • Keep it short and simple. Subject line should be a maximum of 50 characters
  • Use personalization tokens in subject line it will help to catch their attention. Every one loves the sound of their name. Adding recipient name adds a feeling of a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement between people
  • If you can’t (or don’t want to) use personalization tokens in the subject line, use “you” or “your,” so it still sounds like you’re addressing them directly.
  • The goal behind the email should be clear. when one read your email subject line it should be clear what your email is about.
  • Do not make false promise to increase open rate of your email this will lead irritation in your audience and will lead to a big unsubscribe list.
  • Use A/B testing, split testing with different content in subject line. this will give you a better performing subject line.
  • Most important. How will your viewer benefit from your email ? For example, “Increase your open rates by 60% today” is more appealing than “How to increase open rates.”
  • Make your subject line interesting. For example – “Your order has been received”  is less interesting than “Your new order – 868332 request received ”
  • Use numbers in your subject line. For example “Tips to improve subject line” is less effective than “10 Tips to improve your subject line”
  • Use deadline like “only for today” , “last 10 hours” , this will give a quick hit on your email.
  • Asking a question can also increase user engagement with your email.
  • Make your subject line “Location-specific” for offers related to particular locations only.
  • Make your recipient feel special with creating subject line. Like “Offer For our beloved customers only”
  • Do not use capitalization in email subject line.

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