Why every small business owner need to know seo



Is this title “Why every small business owner need to know SEO” making you curious about the SEO and the power of SEO for Small business globally.


Yes i am talking about power of SEO for your Business.


If you are running any business which is based on internet and you want more traffic for your business site then you have to know about SEO and power of SEO.


Because if you are doing business which is based on internet and you are not doing good SEO than you may left behind from your competitors.


So as a small business owner it is must that you have some basic Knowledge about SEO like On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social media Marketing, Video Marketing, Infographics, social bookmarking, directory submission. These are basic things which is currently used by marketers to grow their brand.


But the main issue with small business owners is they have to manage all their routine work so they do not get too much time to know and learn these things.


But i am sure if you can find out few hours to learn these things you will see improvements in your site performance.


Now you are thinking why i am telling you to know about SEO and SEO power. Let me clear your doubts.

  1. Small business do not have thousands of $ to pay or hire a SEO expert.
  2. Mostly Small business have less qualified staff so you can not give this important responsibility to one of your colleague because if he or she will do anything wrong  your site may be banned by search engine.
  3. SEO is a must required thing to improve your online presence so you can not ignore this hence it is must do part of your business.
  4. In case any how you have managed any SEO guy who is telling you that he will do everything for you in that case you also require some SEO tips to check whether he/she is doing seo write or not.

Hope now you do not have any confusion why i am telling you about SEO.


Now the thing is how you can learn about these SEO tips. What sources are available for these SEO tips for you.

SEO Blogs

SEO Forums and community

For your reference here i am telling you some popular blogs, sites forums from where you can learn about SEO basics.


Top blogs according to me.

  1. Quicksprote.com
  2. searchengineland.com
  3. searchenginejournal.com
  4. seobook.com/blog
  5. seobythesea.com
  6. Neilpatel.com
  7. backlinko.com
  8. moz.com
  9. reginaldchan.net


Top forums for SEO related discussion

  1. warriorforum.com
  2. sitepoint.com
  3. seochat.com

I will update this list on regular basis.


After reading these blogs and forum on regular basis you will some idea about SEO and how SEO works and how you can use the SEO as a powerful tool for your business.