20 tips To avoid Your Marketing Campaign Being Treated as spam


To get more business and revenue every business require Marketing for their product and services.


One of the most common and most effective way of marketing is Email Marketing.


Email Marketing includes sending your service and product information to your subscribers.


Now you have decided to do marketing for your business using email marketing or if you are already using email marketing but not getting enough success.


It is very serious concern from your business point of view cause you are spending hours o design New Mailers, Plain text mailer, uploading your lists, managing contacts and all required stuff for email marketing but still not getting enough results Why ?


Maybe you are doing something wrong ?


Maybe you have lack of knowledge of Email Marketing ?


Cause something wrong is their which is preventing you getting better results from your Marketing campaign.


So here i am going to tell you the complete checklist for your Marketing campaign check all these tips before sending your next or first campaign.


1. Use Confirmed opt-in Subscribers address, do not purchase email lists


2. Keep your lists clean like remove unsubscribe contacts, users that marked your mails as spam (Your or your ESP can tell you about such users via Feed back loops)


3. Avoid spam traps


4. Follow Email general guidelines for your content.


5. Do not use spammy words such as: Cash, Degree, Lottery, Diet, Foreclosure, Debt, Money, Sex, Free.

6. Do not write in ALL CAPS.


7. Do not use excessive punctuation (!!!!!!!, ???!)


8. Do not replace words with symbols ([email protected]$H 4 Ckjku)


9. Include the Unsubscribe Link


10. Evaluate your Subject Line


11. Familiar layout


12. Consistent from address


13. Frequency of your campaigns


14. Do not write long email copy


15. Don’t repeat your website URL over and over again


16. Run a spam-check on your messages before you send them out and fix any problems that it detects.


17. Include the plain text version of your HTML email


18. Don’t use all images or a giant graphic. Keep a balance between graphics and text


19. Make sure your HTML is carefully designed. Avoid CSS styles as many email software clients ignore them anyway. Use inline styles.


20. Follow CAN- SPAM-ACT rules


If you are satisfied with all these checkpoints now than send your mailer to your subscriber list.